First Impression!


Hello lovelies. How have you guys been? Hopefully good! I’m waiting for my Birch Box to arrive and we are going to do an unboxing/first impression together! Stay tuned!


New Grounds Food Coconut Mocha Coffee Bar



DISCLAIMER: I’m NOT being paid to write this review!

First off I want to let you all know that I’m SO sorry for being MIA. It’s been a crazy few weeks!

Let’s just jump right in to this review!

I was super excited when I got this to review, I love coffee, but who doesn’t these days! I tried the Coconut Mocha flavor. To start with I didn’t taste the coconut at all. I did taste a little chocolate, but in all honesty all I tasted was coffee grounds. I literally felt like I had scooped up some coffee grounds and ate them. GROSS. I didn’t like the taste at all. But, my fiance on the other hand actually didn’t mind the flavor. He thought it was good but it did have an overpowering coffee taste, but he enjoys strong coffee. He also thought they needed to add more coconut and mocha flavor, otherwise it needed to just be labeled as coffee flavored.

Pros: If you like strong coffee , give it a try!
Cons, Taste like coffee grounds!
Rating: 1 out of 5!

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Sorry I’ve been MIA. I’ve been waiting patiently for products to arrive! I got a huge shipment today from Amazon so this week you guys should receive lots of reviews!

Again, if you guys have anything you want reviewed let me know. Video blogs will be up soon, and so will UNBOXING videos!

Have a great weekend everyone. 🙂

Taste of the Wild



DISCLAIMER: I’m not being paid to write this review.

Let’s talk about something different this evening. Let’s talk about dog food.

I received Taste of the Wild brand dog food to test and review this week, and the first thing I want to say about it is that my dog absolutely loved it. When I fed him he ate it so fast. His little tail wagged the entire time he was eating. He literally scarfed it down! So with him being a happy doggy I was a happy pet owner!

I’ve never actually heard of this brand before, I did some research a couple weeks ago to try to find a new type of food that was a littler healthier for him, because I’ve just been buying brands! that Walmart had to offer. This brand of dog food has meat listed as the first ingredient, and the flavors they have to offer are so unique because the meat is actually wild game. They have flavors such as Wetland Canine Formula with Roasted Fowl, Southwest Canyon Canine Formula with Wild Boar, Pine Forest Canine Formula with Venison and Legumes, and High Prairie Canine Formula with Bison and Roasted Venison are just a few of the flavors they have to offer and are the ones that I gave my precious doggy.

If you’re wondering if they carry food for cats the answer is yes. I actually received some to test but I don’t have a cat so I’ll be sending that to my brother for him to check out! They have both wet and dry foods as well.

Do you want to try this food? Well you can buy it at stores such as Tractor Supply, Petland, and other various pet stores! So why don’t you check it out. My doggy loved it so I’m sure your fur baby would!

In conclusion, I have nothing bad to say about this food. when my fur baby is happy, I’m happy. I’m sure you feel the same way as a pet owner.

Pros: Unique wild game flavors, meat is listed as the first ingredient.

Rating: 5 out of 5!

If you’re looking for more information about this brand, click here!

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Nature’s Gate



DISCLAIMER: I’m NOT being paid to write this review.

HAPPY FRIDAY! I hope everyone is ready for the weekend, I know I sure am. It’s been one hectic week!

Let’s start with a little bit about the company Nature’s Gate. The products that they have offer unique combinations of natural, safe and innovative ingredients. So if you are looking for something natural and safe, then you’ve found a brand for you.

I tried 5 of their products. So let’s go over each of those!
First thing I sampled was a shampoo and conditioner. The one I chose to try was Awapuhi Ginger + Holy Basil Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner. I really enjoyed the scent. It was very floral is how I would describe it. As far as adding volume, I think it added a little body to my hair. But day 2 hair seemed a little oily/greasy more than my normal shampoo would. Also day 2 hair seemed to be a little weighed down. But those little things didn’t really affect me. I still really liked this shampoo and would purchase this in the future.

The second product I tried was a their Original Moisturizing Liquid Soap. This product wasn’t anything special. Honestly didn’t really impress me. I mean felt like I was using just normal Dial soap. The only difference was scent. It was a really plain soap smell.

Next, but not last I tried the Avocado Night Cream I really liked this product. It smelled really good, and gave my face some much needed moisture. As mentioned before I suffer from awful dry, flaky skin on my face. This cream wasn’t heavy, it did leave my face feeling slightly greasy for a while, but that’s a small price to pay when you suffer from dry skin.

The very last thing I tried was the Rice Bran Cleansing Milk. I did not at all like this product. It irritated my face so bad. It was red and splotchy for a couple of hours, and I even had a burning sensation for about 15 minutes. I’ve never had a problem with any facial products, so I don’t know what caused this. I’ve never used any kind of cleansing milk before so I was anxious to try something new, but this product did not work for me. It smelled really good though.

Overall I really enjoyed testing these products, and I will consider purchasing from them in the future! They have all kinds of products, everything from your head to your toes!

Go check them out here.

Pros: All natural products, huge selection to suit all needs.
Cons: Cleansing Milk irritated my skin.
Rating: 4 out of 5!

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Have a great day. 🙂

Do you want FREE clothes?!


I swear by this. It’s not a scam. Promises. 🙂

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Have a great day, and be on the look out for more posts like this one on how to get FREE stuff!




DISCLAIMER: I am not being paid to write this review. I received these products for testing and review purposes.

Let’s talk beauty products. That’s every ones favorite topic, right?

There is just so many things I have to say about these products, some good, some bad. Let’s start with this.. Nuxe is a company based out of Paris. So one thing about the samples I received is that most of the product labeling was not in English. I actually had to spend about 15 minutes googling how to use the products I received. So that itself was a bit of a bummer.

The first product I tested was a foot cream named “Ultra Comfortable Foot Cream” which was for very dry and damaged feet. This product I liked. I do have some rough patches on my feet. It did smooth them out a little, but not all the way. But overall my feet were noticeably softer. So that’s a plus. The fragrance of the foot cream was light and refreshing, nothing to over powering. All in all I did enjoy the foot cream.

The second product I tested was a night time face cream named “Ultra Comfortable Face Cream” which was for dry and sensitive skin. I myself do have very dry skin on my face, so any products I get to test for that is always great. This product did provide much need moisture for my dry face, but it left my face extremely greasy and sticky feeling for several hours. Which I did not enjoy at all. Also, the fragrance of this cream was very overbearing and I just didn’t like the smell at all. Which is a huge downside considering the product was on my face and I had to smell it for hours.

Upon research I noticed the products they have can be a little on the pricey side. They do have tons of products to choose from, these were just 2 out of many that I had the joy of testing for you guys.

If you want to see what they have to offer, all you have to do is go here.

Pros: Both products did provide moisture as intended, fragrance of the foot cream was nice.
Cons: Face cream left face very greasy and sticky feeling, also had a very strong fragrance that I did not enjoy.
Rating: 3 out of 5!


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